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2021 is here!

"New Year, New Me"

God I hate that saying. There is nothing wrong with the current you. New year is rife for dangerous posts regarding diet culture, excessive exercise regimes, should be illegal “fat burning products” and false promise detoxes. It’s so easy to be swayed by this constant barrage of terrible material.

Please remember that your body is to be celebrated, not punished. Nourished, not starved. Exercise should be a way of celebrating all the amazing things our bodies can do, not a way of reprimanding it for all the things you ate and drank over the festive period.

New Years resolutions around fitness and health should be focussed on making your body feel better, not look “better”. Pilates is a great way to do this. So are lots of other forms of exercise, but I am a Pilates Instructor after all!

To say a big old thanks for all the support you guys have given me in these tender stages of a new business, I’m going to offer a wee reward. If you recommend someone who signs up for a Pilates class pass, I will add an extra class to your membership as a thanks. If you do this repeatedly, I will send you a wee voucher for a massage appointment. 80% of my new patients come from recommendations and word of mouth, and I am eternally grateful.

Happy New Year, and remember “be kind” refers to yourself as well.

Lisa x

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