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Pilates Offerings

There are currently 4 different ways to take Pilates classes with me, thanks to the wonderful world of technology!

1 - Live online classes!

I currently teach 3 online classes per week via Microsoft Teams (I tried zoom, but preferred Teams!). You do not need to have a Microsoft license!

The classes are;

Monday 12:30-1:00pm - 30 minute Lunchtime Express Class. This class is suitable for all levels from the absolute beginner, to the seasoned pro. It is even suitable for those returning from injury or pain- but speak to me prior to your first class. A super chilled out class with a focus on mobility and effortless movement. Perfect for those working from home and looking to break up their day with a bit of Pilates movement. £6.50/class, and you can use your class pass for this class.

Tuesday 6:30-7:30pm - Advanced Pilates! This is obviously a high level class, so you must have experience with Pilates in order to attend and I always recommend speaking to me first to check it is suitable! Not recommended for beginners, or those recently returning from injury or those pregnant or in the early stages of the post natal journey! This is a fun but challenging class in which we use a range of small equipment that most have in the home, such as bands and small weights (hello tins of beans!). £8.50/class and you can use your class pass for this class.

Wednesday 7:00-8:00am - Mixed Ability – One for the early birds. What’s better than being able to do Pilates in your own home? Being able to do it in your jammies of course! Superb class for those who like to get their exercise done before work, a genuinely great way to kick start your day. Suitable for those with some experience, but not complete beginners, those in pain, pregnant, or early post natal. £8.50/class and you can use your class pass for this class.

2 - Face to Face / In-Person classes!

I currently teach 2 classes per week at Pure Gym on Boucher Road, Belfast.

Monday 7:00-8:00pm

Wednesday 9:30-10:20pm

Both classes cost £4/class.

Both classes are suitable for all levels, including complete beginners. But I would not recommend for those coming out of pain, pregnant, or less than 12 weeks post natal.

For these classes you have to be a member of pure gym (or be friends with someone who has the plus membership and can take you as their plus 1).

3 - On-Demand pre-recorded classes!

These are my newest offering. My baby. My labour of love! A small (but growing) library of pre recorded Pilates classes. Classes are organised via level - complete beginner (even including a sitting class, for those that struggle to get down to the mat) through to advanced level. There are classes with a selection of different equipment such as magic circles (IYKYK), spiky balls (love/hate), weights, bands and squashy balls (I promise these are a real thing). Classes are sub divided via themes such as stretch and relax, killer hips, all the planks, swiss ball love etc! I am also taking suggestions and requests, so if there’s a class you want, please do let me know! The Price depends on the length of the class, but ranges from £3.50- 6.50, for 48 hour access- the class can be played as many times as you like in the 48 hour window.

4 - 1 to 1 Private.

I take these classes at my Physiotherapy clinic on the Lisburn Road in Belfast, or online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. This class is ideal for; those who are brand new to Pilates and want to get to grips with it before attending a class, those who are returning from injury / post natal 6 weeks plus (12 weeks if C section), those who have complex medical issues/ persistent pain, those wanting to work on a particular theme or exercise (heyyyyyyy the Roll up!), those who lack the confidence to attend a class, or simply those who prefer that form of teaching.

The privates are priced at £50/hour.

If you’re still undecided if Pilates is for you or not, head on over to my Instagram and check out the video section. There are lots of small clips from 30 secs to 10 minutes which should give you a taster, or check out the free Taster Class on the website's On-Demand section! As always any questions or queries, hit me up-

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