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Online booking via TM3

​LP Physiotherapy & Pilates take patient data seriously.  To ensure industry best-practice and that we remain compliant with all data processing laws, we use TM3 to record patient bookings and notes.​  TM3 is an industry leading end-to-end clinic management solution.  This means that we can ultimately spend less time with administration tasks vital to your treatment and more time with you!


Please click here to book your appointment with us!  You will be redirected to the TM3 booking portal.


Once you have created an account by following the easy on-screen instructions you will be able to book/change appointments and view all your past history, receipts and clinical forms.  You will also benefit from automated appointment reminders and be able to update your contact information at a time that suits you.



Please note:  Our current Pilates classes are not booked through TM3 and can be booked on our "Online Pilates" page.


We offer a wide range of physiotherapy services to help support and manage your health needs.  If you have any queries or questions please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss your suitability.

Back Massage


​If you have aches and pains in any of your muscles, tendons or joints; this could come under the umbrella of musculoskeletal physiotherapy (MSK). This includes neck pain, back pain, hip pain, knee pain, foot/ankle/toe pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist/hand pain.


Sports injuries are also part of the MSK Physiotherapy world. But even if you have no idea what caused your pain, an MSK Physiotherapy assessment can often shed some light on the underlying cause and implement a plan for moving forwards and out of pain.

Lisa has attended a large number of post  graduate courses within the msk field, and continues to do so.

Joint Pain


​Lisa is experienced working with many rheumatology issues, as she deals with Psoriatic arthritis and hypermobility joint syndrome herself.


Physiotherapy for rheumatology has a massive cross over with MSK treatments.



Persistent pain is an every changing field of Physiotherapy and Lisa is constantly learning and progressing her knowledge. Persistent (previously chronic pain) pain can be msk/rheumatology or often unknown in nature. Each person is treated as an individual with a personalised tailored approach.



Lisa is thrilled to now offer the Post Natal Mum Check at LP Physiotherapy. Lisa completed her training with the prestigious “Everything Natal”, a Physiotherapy led training group devoted to all things Pelvic Floor.


In the Post Natal Mum check we cover, any postural issues or joint aches and pains (feeding sore upper back anyone?), c section scar check if present, external pelvic floor check, along with an internal vaginal pelvic exam. This allows us to create a specific pelvic floor rehab plan that works for you, and check that you are able to do this properly.  This service is recommended at 6-8 weeks post delivery.

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