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We're moving to TM3!

Here at LP Physiotherapy and Pilates we’re excited to announce that we have made the decision to move to TM3 Connect! TM3 Connect is clinical software that allows us to keep our diary and clinical notes integrated, so all your information is securely stored in one place.

What does TM3 mean for me?

There will be some small changes in how you book appointments online. You will need to create an account with us via the “Physio / Massage” page under online booking section on the website.

From the members section you will be able to not only book Physiotherapy and Pilates appointments, but see a record of all previous appointments, receipts and a copy of registration forms. Appointments can also be moved or cancelled online.

The booking of Pilates classes will not be affected by the changeover to TM3 and can be booked in the same way as before via the website, using your existing account details.

Is TM3 safe?

You can trust your data with us and TM3. TM3 Connect is an industry leading clinic management system and complies with GDPR regulations in relation to the storage of sensitive personally identifiable information. TM3 are ISO 27001 certified and have a dedicated information security team to ensure that all client data is protected to the highest possible level. All data is stored in Blue-Zinc’s own highly secure and monitored data centres.

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