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Updated: Nov 27, 2020

I have decided to jump on the BF bandwagon and offer some amazing offers for one weekend only!

This is a great opportunity to trial Pilates classes at a lower cost to see if you enjoy them (you will) and see if you will get some benefit from the classes (you will).

Currently, classes are £8.50 per 1-hour class, or available at a discounted rate of 8 classes for £60. For the Black Friday weekend only, (27-30 Nov 2020), I will be offering the 8 class package* for new clients for a smashing £36 – A massive 40% saving!

Already a Pilates participant? Don’t worry! This offer is also going to be open to existing clients so you can top up your class allocations or come back for another set! I really don’t like new customer only offers and feel you all deserve a wee treat too (I mean, don’t we all at the minute?!).

You can view these packages by clicking here or click on the “Plans & Pricing” page above!

* Limited to one class package per person.

Not only am I offering such an amazing deal with Pilates, but I have also created some Physiotherapy and Massage “Treatment Packages” for the Black Friday weekend, perfect for either yourself or those close to you.*

Physiotherapy Session x 5 - Normally £225 (£45/session), Now only £210**

Physiotherapy Session x 10 - Normally £450 (£45/session), Now only £400***

Massage Session x 5 - Normally £200 (£40/session), now only £185**

Massage Session x 10 - Normally £400 (£40/session), now only £360***

You can view these packages by clicking on the “Physio / Massage” page above, just under Book Online! You'll then need to click on the "Packages" button on the top right. Alternatively, just click here!

* Limited to one of each package per person.

** Must be used within 90 days of purchase.

*** Must be used within 180 days of purchase.

Please Note: Massage sessions currently cannot be used due to the NI Covid-19 restrictions, so the expiry date will be flexible. We will advise via social-media/website posts when these restrictions have been lifted by the NI Assembly, otherwise don’t hesitate to contact us!

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